Financial Planning Overview                                    

Everyday new financial products and new technologies provide us more opportunities to improve or diminish our financial well-being. Network Wealth Management Inc. provides as-needed financial planning and advice to our clients. It is never too early to begin planning financially for the future. We focus on your goals and work with all the areas of your financial life: tax planning, savings and investment strategies, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning, budgeting, and more to create a financial plan that changes as your circumstances change. Instead of just telling you what to do, we work together with you, providing you with easy-to-understand recommendations and helping you implement them every step of the way.

Wealth Management                                                  

At Network Wealth Management, our team focuses on helping each client build, preserve, and protect wealth using balanced long-term strategies. We strive to remove emotion from the equation to help our clients make complex financial decisions in a thoughtful, non-reactive manner. Working on a highly individualized basis, we develop specific advice tailored to the personal needs of each client—not the financial trends of the moment. Our wealth management service include:

  •     Investment Planning
  •     Retirement Planning
  •     College Planning
  •     Risk Management
  •     Estate Planning

Asset Management                                                    

Different investors have different needs. Using the personal profile from our initial meetings, we are able to construct an asset management plan aligned with each specific financial position, risk tolerance, and investment objectives and goals. We’ll identify the most appropriate investment vehicles based on stage of life as well as the most efficient strategies to protect investments over the long term. Investment options may include

  •     401(k)/403(b)
  •     Bonds
  •     Brokerage Accounts
  •     Educational Funding Strategies
  •     IRA/Roth IRA
  •     Non-retirement Accounts
  •     Profit Sharing/Deferred Compensation
  •     Real Estate Investment Trusts
  •     Retirement Accounts
  •     SEP IRA/Simple IRA
  •     Traditional & Alternative Mutual Funds
  •     Variable, Fixed & Immediate Annuities


Financial & Estate Planning                                

For clients with more complex financial needs, we provide customized financial planning services.  This level of in-depth planning includes a careful analysis of every aspect of the client’s financial life to identify challenges and opportunities, and to understand their dreams for the future. Through this process, we create a detailed plan that includes specific strategies for growth. Once the plan is in place, we keep a constant watch to ensure it continues to be aligned with long-term goals, making adjustments as needed to tackle new perspectives and combat the effects of inflation, taxes, changing interest rates, and stock market fluctuations. Our Service in this area include:

  •     Cash Flow Analysis & Planning
  •     Coordination of Wills, Trusts, and Deeds
  •     College Funding
  •     Estate Planning
  •     Insurance Planning/Risk Management
  •     Investment Management
  •     Real Estate
  •     Retirement Planning
  •     Stock Options


At Network Wealth Management, we believe insurance is a dynamic and often underutilized tool on the financial planning road map. By working with each client to maintain appropriate insurance coverage throughout the many stages of life, we help protect their family and business assets with an insurance strategy that changes with the client. Our experienced insurance consulting team provides guidance in all areas of risk management, including:

  •     Dental
  •     Disability
  •     Health
  •     Individual Life
  •     Long Term Care (LTC)

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