Business Insurance Overview

Selecting the perfect business insurance policy can be an overwhelming process for any company. Network Agency’s insurance team is well-trained and can help you every step of the way. We will work with you to identify the risk factors for your unique environment in order to determine your ideal commercial insurance package. Because there are many facets to a business, Network Agency’s Insurance team works to safeguard all subsets of your organization. In sum, our wide range of coverage can be customized into an unparalleled business insurance package.

Workers Compensation

NYC workers compensation insurance protects an employer from liability for an accident involving an employee. The insurance coverage pays benefits to your employees, in the event that they are injured on the job. It will cover their medical bills, a portion of wages, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits.

General Liability Business Insurance

Our general liability insurance coverage protects your business from third-party claims for bodily injury, associated medical costs, and damage to someone else’s property. For example, while visiting a client’s premises, the client trips over your briefcase and gets hurt – your business may be liable. Your fault or not, our general liability coverage will protect your business against covered claims by paying defense costs and any damages up to your policy limit.

Business Owner Policies

A business owner policy is usually for businesses with fewer than 100 employees, as well as under $5 million in sales. It is an insurance package that assembles all of the basic coverage types for a business owner in one bundle. This generally includes property insurance, business interruption insurance, crime insurance, vehicle coverage, liability insurance, and flood insurance.

Property Insurance

Property insurance protects you from losses caused by certain forms of damage or destruction. Generally, anything that has value may be considered property. It can be real property, such as a building, or personal property, such as a computer. Basic property insurance policies typically cover explosions, fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, smoke, aircraft or vehicle damage, vandalism, sprinkler leakage, and sinkhole collapse. Additional coverage for water damage; damage from the weight of snow, ice, or sleet; breakage of glass; and falling objects are also available.

Business Insurance for Group Health

Network Agency has formed strong relationships with many of today’s most respected health insurance carriers. Our wide network of companies and non-proprietary approach offers our clients the complete freedom of choice. A Network Agency health specialist will create a personalized and comprehensive comparison of all of the health insurance carriers that suit the needs of the client’s employees, comparing deductibles, co-pays, in/out of network benefits, Rx coverage, and access to doctors and specialists. In addition to customizing the health insurance plan, our dedicated service team will help ensure a smooth transition by handling every step of the enrollment process.

Commercial Insurance for Automobiles

Protect your commercial vehicles as well as your employees with commercial auto insurance from Network Agency. Simply because weather and road condition is simply beyond people’s control. Network Agency provides commercial auto insurance that includes:

  • Auto liability
  • Medical payment
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage
  • Coverage for vehicles you rent
  • Coverage for employees using their cars for the business

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