Flood Insurance

After a major storm, flooding can be a widespread issue for many people in your community. When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, many homeowners were left in dire straights. Unfortunately, many of them found out too late that homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Many business owners felt similar losses from the damage. However, it is important to take this knowledge and put it to use. By working with Network Agency Inc., we can help you find the right coverage to fit your needs and budget. Don’t get hung out to dry during the next devastating storm.

Flood Damage in New York and New Jersey

Flood damage can occur all over the New York/New Jersey area. Even if you are not in a “flood zone” you may be at risk for devastating home damage during a tropical storm or hurricane. With the increased frequency of hurricanes hitting the east coast of the country, it is important to cover your home or business with flood insurance. Our team has extensive experience with helping homeowners protect their assets with all sorts of insurance options, including flood coverage. Overall, this protection is necessary for many homeowners in these states.

Not Just Hurricanes

Flood damage can happen year-round, not just during the hurricane season. Frozen pipes, for example, are a common cause of water damage during the winter months. Heavy rain can cause flash flooding near streams, lakes, and rivers. Network Agency Inc. can help you find the coverage to protect your home from floods, no matter the cause. Being prepared for the worst can help you and your loved ones recover better from floods.

Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial coverage for heavy water damage can be vital to keeping your business afloat after a major storm or pipe leak. For many businesses, floods can wipe out large quantities of stock, or destroy vital electronics. Comprehensive insurance coverage for your business should include protection from floods. However, many cookie-cutter insurance plans will leave out this type of coverage. Network Agency can help you find the right plan, and tailor it to fit your unique needs.

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